As a young girl, I grew up in a small town where my dad was the only tailor in town. My dad was a very talented tailor in our small town, he made many designs for women and men everyday wear. All my childhood I spent my time going to my father shop, he was a single father with four kids and I was the younger one. Being the only girl’s in the house me and my sister always got the cutest and one of the fashionable designed dresses made by my dad. When my dress was completed I was excited to wear it and I used to show off my friends and they will ask me ohh! Can ask your dad to sew a dress like yours. Actually, I was his little designer. 

       At the age of eight is when my love of sewing and making fashion design started.

Every day going to my father’s tailor shop was my favorite thing to do, when I’m in school  I always couldn’t wait to go there and sit next to him and watch him sewing, cutting, and measuring clothes. It wasn’t too long when I saw myself sitting on his chair trying to making dresses for dolls from the scraps. Usually, I used to sneak out when he goes to somewhere because he never truest me with his sewing machine I wasn’t export. 

      After a while, I became very good at it and started helping him around during the busy holidays hours. Most of the times I helped him sewing the small rips in clothes and small dresses while he is doing the measuring and cutting of the new clothes. My dream of becoming a fashion design still on, I’m still sewing clothing on my free time mostly when there is a Somali wedding. The only thing that  I know is how to sew Somali clothe but hopefully I really want to sew all kinds of clothes soon. Step by step. One full Somali dress I charge them for money now I started with a friend whom I charged her $20 dollar and she told all her friends that I sew clothe she basically give me a customer. Sometimes we start from the bottom and it just grow what I will to tell people is don’t be afraid of anything that you a good at it one day my succeed and see the benefit off it never give up. 


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This is a group of blocks in columns. Column layouts can be adapted to fit different needs.

Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

I can only hope for a humble pen…

“You want to be a writer, don`t know how or when? Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.”                                                                                            ~Paul Simon

Years ago I would have considered myself a writer, not that I had been published or attracted any acclaim by any means.  But I did write every day. I put pen to paper, I scribbled in journals which have long been tucked away in storage or pages burned in a crackling bonfire – depending on the subject matter. I wrote things I didn’t or couldn’t tell anyone. I wrote poems for college classes, critiqued them alongside others and read them aloud in academic splendor.  I read a lot too.  I read so much that when I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh  I was exhausted with reading.  I tried to go on.  I read short stories by Oscar Wilde, I attempted to take in novels I was not assigned in classes, I tried to keep going!  But eventually I stopped.  I stopped reading books all together.  Granted, working life began to consume my daily down time. I was a program manager for a youth shelter for foster and non-adjudicated at risk youth.  I worked a minimum of 50 hours a week and was on-call for one week out of the month. I had a 45 minute commute to and from work.  Continue writing? When?? I was exhausted and then, I was pregnant.  Soon I was only reading “What to Expect” and “First 5 Years” books – I was all business.  Journals?  None to speak of, no writing at all. Sometimes a verse would pop up and I would jot it on a slice of scrap paper, only to toss it with the next cluttered.  I didn’t try to expand on any one thought, I let them all jumble and run with the rest of my daily posturings (do we have enough milk, diapers, money… blah, blah). Not that I wasn’t creative during my daughter’s early years. I sewed, learned to use html, created my own website to sell the clothes I made, I canned homemade baby food and baked our bread.  I enjoyed having the freedom to wake up and direct my own destiny.  But, I am educated, I am able to work, and we were broke. Turns out designing, creating, marketing and selling your own product all on your own, with a toddler, is not easy – or in my case, profitable enough to sustain our family.  And along came another demanding job, I sure can find ’em! But miraculously, after a few years in the position and discovering that I can be good at my job without letting it define me, I began to find time for both my family and for me.  I read a novel, and then another.  And now I have a list of books to read.  I am working smarter, by design, and I am learning to let go of stress better. I enjoy my job now, for the most part. Working for a small business has it’s advantages – and, as balance presides, it’s disadvantages.  I am learning, though, to live within the confines of my working persona and finding opportunities to fly free of the cage.  To think independently, to think for myself. And write. To write again is what I desire the most right now in my life.  With a year of expectations I endeavor to write for me, to regain my inner voice and to remember the small things.  This is to be a year of lofty plans and moments to not forget, I endeavor to catch as many as I can, wielding a humble pen, hoping to do them justice.

The instantly recognizable government pen. (WTOP/Jack Moore)
Humble Pen

When is the last time you received a letter? We all know in the midst of technology receiving a personal letter from a loved one is really a joyful experience. Writing a letter to someone you care about the most is a beautiful thing to do. Yet we don’t do it because we are constantly bombarded with technology and writing has become less convenient for us today for better or worse.  

However, when you write more you become better at expressing yourself. As you write about memories it is like walking down memory lane. Your pen begins to expose feelings and details you had forgotten. Writing is a focused activity that keeps distractions away.

keeping track, ordering, remitting
running the daily business of the country
before computers replaced the need
for a pen and sheets of carbon paper
before every form looked the same

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